This site contains examples of destinations that we handle in Sweden and Scandinavia. The purpose with the descriptions is to give you a first idea of the destination and some inspiration.

Our preferred main destinations are:

Malmö’s architecturally acclaimed “Turning Torso” – offers the highest level of conferencing in Europe! Why not combine with a round of golf on one of the country’s best courses. Together with twin city Copenhagen, Malmö forms the Öresund Region  – the fastest growing business area in northern Europe. A lot of activities are on offer, including kayaking and city center beach walks.

The Swedish West Coast Bohuslän and its archipelago was rated seventh of the world’s last great wilderness areas byCNN. On the surface it is heaven for canoeists and sailors, but down below you can explore Kosterhavet, Sweden’s only subsea national park. Over 6000 species await you along a snorkelling waterway. Combine Bohuslän with a city experience i Gothenburg.

Stockholm is internationally celebrated for the beauty of its architecture and wonderful seascapes. Visit the castle, residence of the Swedish Royal family, stroll along the streets of the Old City and sip a coffee in one of the trendy cafés. Just a stone’s throw away you will find the natural playground of the archipelago, renowned for its incredible beauty of the 30 000 islands.

High Coast

In the north of Sweden, Norway and Finland you find the region of the Sami – Lapland. Here we go trekking with reindeer and visit the Sarri family in Nikkaluokta where we experience the magical Jojk (chanting) and food of the Sami culture and the day to day life of the reindeer herders. Our expedition takes us to Kebnekaise – Sweden’s highest peak at 2114 meters – and further to the Norwegian fjords where we can watch whales and dramatic landscape.

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